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Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone Paving Slabs - Mix Size - Riven Patio Pack

Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone Paving Slabs - Mix Size - Riven Patio Pack

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 A household favourite, the ethically sourced Sandstone delivers a patio full of personality and offers the beauty and attractiveness that only real stone pavers can. To create a distinctive design, select from 600x900 pavers or mixed-size Patio Kits, which are ideal for random laying so that you may fit the slabs into your space as you like.

Each paver has its own distinct tones that have evolved organically over thousands of years, and the riven surface roughness enhances foothold. Because of its resilience to frost, Indian stone paving is well-suited to the British climate and will endure even in severe weather, helping to keep your paving looking its best all year long.

If you're looking for a beautiful and natural outdoor paving option, then you should consider Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone Paving Slabs 22mm Calibrated - Mix Size - Riven Patio Pack. These slabs are perfect for adding a classic, rustic look to your patio or garden.

These sandstone slabs come in a range of sizes, from 300x300mm to 600x900mm, making them easy to fit into any space. They are 22mm thick and calibrated for a flatter and more even surface. The slabs are riven, providing a traditional look and feel. The natural colour of the slabs gives a warm, earthy tone that will add character to any outdoor area.

The Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone Paving Slabs are perfect for both commercial and domestic projects. They are fantastic for use on patios, pathways and driveways, or even as feature walls in gardens. The slabs are incredibly durable and will stand the test of time. They are also very low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a hose or pressure washer.

These slabs are designed to be installed on a bed of mortar. They are easy to install and can be cut to fit the shape and size of your space. The slabs are also slip-resistant, making them a safe option for outdoor areas.

The Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone Paving Slabs are a great choice for anyone looking to add a timeless and classic look to their outdoor area. They are easy to install, incredibly durable and low maintenance. They will add character to any space and will stand the test of time.

Each slab has a riven surface that is generated when the stone is split along its natural layers, giving a really original finish. Each slab is calibrated to be 22mm thick. Each slab's edges are hand-dressed, enhancing the riven sandstone's organic appearance and giving any landscape a classic appeal.

Sandstone products will have natural variations in color, tone, and pattern. This is a characteristic of natural stone, and you can never predict with certainty the precise colors you will obtain.

For a terrific overview of some of the natural color variations conceivable, look at the entire collection of product photographs. Colors will appear more vivid when the stone is wet and more muted before installation.


Coverage, variations, and waste

The area that each product will cover in m2 (square meters) includes the required joint widths.

Sandstone is a natural substance, thus its tone and color may vary naturally. There is never any way to predict which specific versions you will get in each box.

Each slab is calibrated with a thickness tolerance of +/- 5mm.

Always order an extra 10% to 15% of what you need to allow for scraps and wastage. 


Delivery informations

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Paving slabs installation guide

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