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Porcelain Wall cladding - Black stone slate (Box of 12 ) 1.08m² | Minimum Order Quantity of 5 |

Porcelain Wall cladding - Black stone slate (Box of 12 ) 1.08m² | Minimum Order Quantity of 5 |

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Are you searching for a convenient, cost-effective, and effortlessly chic solution to revamp your residential or office space? Look no further than our exquisite Black Porcelain Wall Cladding! Specifically designed for contemporary environments, this slate-like porcelain cladding in a rich, deep black hue offers an array of benefits that will leave you amazed.

With its easy installation process, you can effortlessly achieve a stunning vertical transformation, elevating the ambiance of any room with minimal effort. Similar to how pavement enhances the appeal of your grounds, our pioneering porcelain cladding has a profound impact on vertical surfaces, instantly creating a jaw-dropping "Wow!" factor that can completely alter the atmosphere within your home or office.

The Black Porcelain Wall Cladding's bold coloring serves as a magnificent backdrop, allowing other color schemes to truly shine and captivate the attention of anyone who enters the space. Moreover, its exceptional durability ensures that it withstands the test of time and remains highly resistant to wear and tear, regardless of the showers of compliments it receives or the extreme temperatures and weather conditions it encounters.

Don't hesitate any longer! Take the leap today and infuse your walls with a remarkable dose of style by embracing our game-changing Black Porcelain Wall Cladding. Prepare to be mesmerized by the transformative power it possesses and watch as your space evolves into a haven of sophistication and elegance.

Coverage, variations, and waste

The area that each product will cover in m2 (square meters) includes the required joint widths.

Always order an extra 10% to 15% of what you need to allow for scraps and wastage. 


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